Permea-Pure® disinfects hard to reach places and sanitizes at any scale.

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Permea-Pure is a company entirely and exclusively dedicated to making spaces safe and sanitary. We employ only the safest, most effective technology available, sourced from reliable manufacturers. All components of our service meet the highest testing and approval standards.

We protect business owners, staff, clients, customers, and visitors from infectious agents, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19.

Permea-Pure disinfects and neutralizes viruses and microbiota such as bacteria, molds, and fungi in all types of interior spaces, using SprayWell electrostatic technology. Our Basic Treatment employs an organic, EPA Certified Hospital Grade disinfectant which is non-toxic to humans, pets, and wildlife but which is 300 times more effective than bleach. Testing shows 99.9999% effectiveness against coronavirus just 30 seconds after application. (This treatment is USDA approved for food contact surfaces.)

Permea-Pure’s Extended Treatment attracts and destroys airborne viruses and microbiota for as long as 30 days, by applying quaternary nitrogen in a water-permeable, air-permeable molecular lattice. (Although also non-toxic to humans, pets, and wildlife, this treatment has not been approved for food contact surfaces.)

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How It Works

Basic Treatment

Our SprayWell low-noise sprayers produce an electrostatically charged mist, which is attracted to surfaces like iron to a magnet. Unlike conventional sprayers, which apply a spray pattern only to those surfaces they can aim at directly, our misting wands disinfect all sides of all exposed surfaces within the application space.

Our disinfectant is an organic solution produced when mineral salts are electrically separated to produce hypochloric acid, which your own immune system uses to attack invading microbes in your body. These simple molecules easily penetrate the cell walls of viruses and infectious microbiota and destroy them from the inside. Yet the solution poses no harm to people or animals, is fully biodegradable, and can even be used to wash food without affecting USDA Organic approval.

With a near-neutral pH, Permea-Pure’s Basic Treatment is non-corrosive* and leaves no residue after air-drying, which only takes about 10 minutes after application.

Extended Treatment

Like our Basic Treatment, our Extended Treatment is applied using SprayWell electrostatic technology. But this treatment forms a microscopic molecular mesh across all contact surfaces, permeable to air and water, but bristling with “spikes” of quaternary nitrogen. The natural electron-bonds within these molecules give the microscopic barbs a permanent electrical charge, turning them into “microbe magnets”. For a virus or bacteria cell caught in the tractor beam, hitting the mesh is like a tire hitting road spikes, rendering the microbe harmless to humans and pets.

One application of Permea-Pure’s Extended Treatment can disinfect surfaces and guard against recontamination for 30 days, even with typical janitorial service, before the molecular lattice begins to biodegrade. To ensure gapless coverage, twice-monthly applications are recommended for most spaces.

Permea-Pure professional treatments are for businesses that are serious about providing safety for their staff, clients, and visitors while protecting assets and maximally reducing risk of crossinfections on their premises and in their vehicles.

Permea-Pure’s Basic Treatment meets SprayWell’s rigorous 14-point standard for effectiveness and safety.

Before you choose a disinfecting and sanitizing service, make sure you know what you’re getting!

How To Start

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o-warning To ensure no potentially corrosive byproducts are created during the treatment, avoid using ammonia on contact surfaces prior to the service.